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Integration Physical Therapy is Siouxland’s only Postural Restoration Certified Clinic.

Do you notice your hip bones do not sit evenly on your bike seat?  Do you feel like your are "losing power"?  Do you push off through one leg more than the other?

Common injuries with cycling include neck pain, IT band pain, knee pain, low back pain and foot pain.  Cycling requires you to maintain a postural position for hours during a workout.  If your body in not in the correct alignment/posture with normal daily activities, how will you be in the right position for correct utilization of your muscles on a bike.  Using a Postural Restoration approach, we will teach you to reposition, retrain and restore normal mechanics required for optimal power, speed and performance for cycling.

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Sarah Colfack

"I want you both to know how much I appreciate all you have done for me.  The changes that you have made for me functionally in my life are amazing!  The chronic pain that I have had for three years with my right side - shoudler, abdomen, groin - has been alleviated.  Not only that, I feel a peace and calm from all of the breathing in the exercises that I haven't experienced before - and you both have inspired me to learn more about this.  I am pursuing training in this area so that I can share these and other skilles with children that I work with in the schools! So thank you for EVERYTHING! You both are awesome and changing lives!

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