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Common asymmetrical body postures with swimmers are forward head, rounded and un-level shoulders, elevated rib cage, underdeveloped gluteal muscles, increased curve in low back, and hyper-extended knees.  This results from muscle imbalances around the spine, pelvis and scapulas.  Our program focuses on the balanced airflow and flexibility of the rib cage, good diaphragm position, balanced strength of abdominals, hamstrings, gluteals, low traps, triceps and internal rotators of the arms/legs and ribs, and flexibility of the hip flexors, back extensors, pecs, lats and anterior neck muscles, required for reciprocal tri-planar activity.

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Marty Hogan

You can use me for a reference anytime.  Been the best year yet-just ran the Kauai Marathon and while it was not a PR I ran very well.  I have PR'd every other run I have done this year from the 5K, 15K, and 10-mile range. Not by a few seconds either – 2 minutes on the long ones and almost a ½ minute on the 5K.

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